Mimi doesn't Want to Draw
Mimi doesn't Want to Draw

Written by Yih Fen Chou, Illustrated by Chih Yuan Chen, Heryin Art Team

Ages / 2 and up       Hardcover Book

Mimi does lots of fun things when her Grandma comes to visit. When Grandma goes home, Mimi experiences a change...

◎ Top 10 Annual Good Book Award in the Excellent Children's Book List

◎ The University of Wisconsin Book of the Year

◎ Recommended articles by American Book Review Magazine  

  (Publishers Weekly, Library Journal, Book List, Kirkus, etc.)

◎ Taipei Municipal Library "Good Books Everyone Reads" Good Book Award

◎ The Ministry of Education's annual book selection of "Children's Reading Starts"

◎The largest online bookstore (Books.com) children's book bestseller list for three consecutive years TOP10

◎ No. 1 in Eslite Bookstore Bestseller List for 3 consecutive years

◎ Shanghai Primary and Secondary School Kindergarten Book Award

◎ Shenzhenthe first place in the annual list of good children's books

◎ Recommended by MATSU ITATASHI, the father of Japanese picture books

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